“Brown-Sugar” Frosting {Paleo, GF, CF, EF, Cane-Sugar-Free}

This Brown Sugar Frosting tasted to me like a special-diet-friendly version of when you take a bite of molassessy brown-sugar mixed with some butter. It was very, very easy and it was a great, stable version of icing that would hold up for our bake-sale boxes.

Most buttercream icings are simply 3 ingredients, butter {your fat}, about 4 cups of powdered sugar {your sweet}, and a tiny amount of milk {liquid} — and sometimes an extract for flavor. So, using that equation, I came up with this alternative:

1/2 cup spectrum organic palm shortening
1 cup organic coconut crystals / coconut sugar
1-2 tablespoons non-dairy milk of choice

First, I measured out my 1 cup of coconut crystals and put that into my Vitamix. I blended the crystals into a super-fine “powdered sugar”. Of course, the color is more consistent with a brown sugar, you won’t get a powdery white like the traditional powdered sugar.

With my hand held mixer, I mixed the shortening until creamy and then gradually added the powdered coconut sugar into the mix. About half way through the powdered sugar, I added about a tablespoon of coconut milk and then the remaining powdered coconut sugar. The result looked like this:

Strawberry Frosting {Grain-Free, Paleo, and SCD legal}

Simple Strawberry Frosting {Grain-Free, Fruit Sweetened, Palo, SCD-legal}:

1 cup Spectrum organic Palm Shortening
1/2 cup freeze dried bananas, ground up in a spice grinders, mixer, or blender until it makes a powder
3 Tablespoons freeze dried organic strawberries, crushed {I like to have some larger chunks to see and taste}

First, I mixed the shortening with my hand mixer just to get a creamy consistency. Next, I added in the powdered banana and blended until well combined. I added the strawberries in last and mixed just until incorporated.

I transferred the icing to a piping bag. This was the perfect filling for the “Chocolate Covered Strawberry Macaroons” that were in the Palo Valentine’s boxes we did this year

.Chocolate Covered Strawberry Filled

This was  also the perfect topping for the Paleo Mini Lemon Muffins I made last week. :9 Oh the deliciousness!