Santa Clause Is Coming to Class

Santa Clause Is Coming to Class
Who says healthy Food Can’t be Fun?!

This year, I have two school-goers. My second grader, and my kindergartener. If you follow my posts, you might have heard a little of my griping about pre-school last year. Last year proved to be QUITE busy for me, keeping up with the daily snack of Standard American sugar and gluten-filled fare. Don’t get me wrong, I am a total sucker for a cute theme-based treat, but powdered sugar donuts and food-dyed icing galore, and every single DAY…. well, I was creating our own versions of the theme food every single morning to send with my little healthy eater.

This year, I sent out my standard email to the room moms in both kids’ classrooms.  The room mom for my kindergartener replied right away and I was thrilled that she was understanding! She Said that her own son had allergies, so she would LOVE to hear more suggestions. Of course, I have tons of those up my sleeve :P. LOL! SO, I sent back a reply with a couple of crafty ideas and waited to hear back. Except that I never did. And then I got the sig up sheet for bringing Chex mix, Capri Suns, And the craft was going to be decorating a sugar cookie. Of course with your standard food-dyed toppings. Big sigh.

But then, my Christmas angel appeared! My second grader’s room-mom was BEYOND understanding, she was an angel! I will keep it short and simple: This was the very first class party in all of our years on our special diet that my Molly got to show up and have & do everything that every one else was getting to have & do! She made requirements for special gluten-free fare and only organics on the fruit. Honestly, an amazing would to understand to the limits that she did. And to create an environment that didn’t exclude a single soul! My appreciation was sky-high.

And, for the kindergarten party, I signed up to bring fruit (the only healthy time on the list) and I didn’t just bring ANY fruit tray 🙂 I guess I like to take my frustrations out creatively 😉 And so the Santa Scene Fruit Tray was created.

The tray: an 11×14 glass found in the framing section at the craft store

Santa’s Hat and Suit: Strawberries
Santa’s Beard: Bananas
Santa’s Nose: A Cherry
Santa’s Belt: Blueberries
Santa’s Buckle: Watermelon
The fuzz on Santa’s hat and the ball: Rice Whip whipped cream.
The tallest tree: Green Apples
The middle tree: Red Apples
The Smallest Tree: Orange Segments
Stars: Watermelon
Ornaments: Blueberries
Writing and Santa’s face details: Melted Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips

Some helpful tips:
*I soaked the apple and orange slices in lemon water
*I put the bananas on last (they lasted about 3 hours before they started browning too badly)
*I used a little rice while to outline the belt so that the outline of blueberries would stay I place. I also did this to secure a few of the edge strawberries just to keep everything in place.

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