Thankful Givings

g&gcoverI have been hard at work creating a DELICIOUS feast of Thanksgiving recipes that are entirely GRAIN & DAIRY free, and I really, really want to share them with you.

I share hundreds of recipes a year on my blog and on my Facebook groups, and I don’t do so to get rich. {chuckle}. I do it because it is my art, and like most artists, it is the craft that feeds my soul. It is my purpose, as small as that might seem to some. My “thing” is helping people eat food that works for them and not against them, and to do it in a delicious way!

So, when one of my very best friends in this world was given the opportunity to have her daughter (who has Autism) seen by one of the leading physicians for Autism in this country, arguably in the world, I immediately wanted to use my craft to help.

This Thanksgiving compilation was created for Ashlyn. For a small $10 donation {or more if you feel it in your heart}, this DELICIOUS grain free Thanksgiving cookbook can be yours.

Giving thanks for your generosity and hoping that each of these recipes will bless you and your family!

Some recipes included:
Grain Free Pumpkin Waffles
Grain Free “Corn-Bread” Dressing
Grain-Free Pecan Chocolate Chunk Pie
Maple Marshmallow topped Sweet Potato Casserole
Grain & Dairy-Free Green Bean Casserole
& more…..

You can make donations through Ashlyn’s fund page at

Or you can email me at for more details.

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