To DO List: Eat Mo’ Vegetarian Brekkies ~ Our Pick 4 Omelet Station

Batman eats veggies!
I am mom. This may not be the case in every household, but I am also cook. To me, the fact that I am responsible for filling their plates every day means that I am also responsible for the nutrition that my children receive. Its a job I take seriously – yes, in a fun and silly way, but still, seriously.

One of the constant goals of mine as the NUTRITION-PROVIDER of my household is to not only get it in ’em, but teach them along the way to LOVE the nutritious choices, so that when I am no longer the one in charge of filling their plates, hopefully the lessons they are learning now will carry over. It is constantly in my mind as I plan out meal times, even planning the treats! I explain to them every step of the way the reasons “WHY” I am selecting certain ingredients and constructing a balanced plate of food, or sometimes a balanced day of food, since every single meal isn’t perfect nutritionally speaking. I truly aim to make the healthy decisions be appealing and fun! This is all a part of my master plan to grow healthy, happy eaters who WANT to be healthy, happy eaters! {don’t tell them , but I think it’s working}

My favorite meals are ones that encourage the whole family to try new textures, new tastes, and new colors of food. This may seem very elementary, like the classic phrase,” EAT THE COLORS OF THE RAINBOW”, but even as adults, sometimes, we get sedentary on what we know and forget to broaden our taste buds on occasion. Every color of food makes up the phytonutrients and vitamins that our bodies need to function at their best.  Meals like this are great for EVERBODY to explore something new, and for some reason, it makes it more fun to get to have control over those choices! I am talking about our super fun breakfast this morning BUILDING YOUR OWN omelet.

To begin our Omelet bar, I used a dozen farm-fresh, soy-free, gmo-free, pastured chicken eggs and cracked them into a bowl for a good whisking. The carton was now empty, so I thought: What a great vessel for dividing our omelet selections. Because there are 3 kiddos here, I simply cut the carton into 3 equal sections of 4 “holes”. The rule: PICK FOUR!  Want to know what the coolest part was?  They all picked more than 4! :D. I love this.


So, I chopped from the fridge some piles of tomato, orange bell pepper, broccoli, and spinach {we only buy organic produce as to reduce our exposure to pesticides and herbicides}. From our home garden {organically grown}, I collected, chopped, and piled some parsley, some rainbow chard, and some chives.  The kids took turns filling their sections and we labeled their containers and lined them up for cooking.

It was so much fun watching them get excited about their selections and watching their faces as they cheered on each other’s omelets over the flat-top and excitedly waited for their own to cook.  We made omelets, we made a fun memory, and we all had something green for breakfast. A win, win, win in my book!!! 🙂

~Happy Omelet Making, Canaries ~

2 thoughts on “To DO List: Eat Mo’ Vegetarian Brekkies ~ Our Pick 4 Omelet Station”

  1. Kendra… My Connor gets so excited about cooking. We have done similar things where he gets to choose the veggies and fruits that go into his meal. We also did omelets today. In the past we have done pizza and he gets to pick his topping. He is sooooooo into the cooking part but thats where it stops. We sit at the table and he either picks out the “green things” or refuses to eat it all together. Today he wiped the avocado spread off his toast with a napkin. When he realized there were still parts that were green he discarded it all together.

    1. Alecia – I think this is extremely common! We had this happen with Foster, who is 5 now, when he was younger, and are going through the same “pickiness” with our 19 month old. I think it’s a stretch to call it pickiness, I think they are, after all, just little humans exploring their options and their tastes and their likes and dislikes, and, in some cases, what they actually HAVE to eat when it comes to their meal. I think its important to encourage them to at least TRY it, in a fun way if you can. I was always playful with my older two ~ as I would cut up veggies on my chopping block, I would tease them that whoever could get a slice of red pepper and eat it first wins. Or they would think it was funny to steel my veggies, and I’d call them my little food pirates and joke that they stole my treasure, in my best Pirate-mom voice, of course. Keep trying! Honestly. One day I think he may surprise you. It took a long time with our 5 yo but now he is my BEST veggie eater (and resident Vegetarian) If it is the nutrients you are worried about getting in, you can always be a sneaky chef, or even juice greens and fruits and give them in a syringe, but I am a big fan of encouraging them to learn to like try it one their own! You are doing great, I’m sure!

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